• Ben Loy

Classical Guitar Support - Leg Rest

I want to share with you a guitar accessory - Amazon bought guitar support that sits on the leg that helps balance the guitar and relieves strain on the hands and feet when playing.

I will share photos, where is the source of inspiration to try the guitar supporter, and all sorts of tips.

Before we get started, anyone who plays a lot knows how much stress can guitar playing causes on the body, mainly due to uncomfortable holding. Proper guitar support and holding can help improve playing and reduce the chance of injuries, back, and shoulder pain, and so on.

I use an adjustable footrest for my guitar, and since I started, I can not play without it. My recommendation: paid link - Guitar Balance PLUS Support Classical Guitar Adjustable Rest (PLUS) from Amazon. The supporter sits on the guitar as follows.

I discovered the supporter in a YouTube video by Grisha Goryachev. He uses this accessory a lot.

The leg support connects to the guitar with suction cups or whatever you call it in Hebrew. Maybe you know better. The case comes with 8 units of interchangeable vacuums which is very nice. Anyway, mine has been installed for about a year now and still looks new and works well.

The product comes from the sender in relatively simple packaging.

Tip: I'm left-handed. The supporter seems to have a certain tendency due to his production that should give an angle to the right guitar in favor of comfort.

I do not mind, I was able to adjust the support so that I do not feel the tilt.

Anyway, it seems to me that this is support aimed at use by a right-handed player. If you or you are right-wing, no problem. If left-handed, it is worth checking compatibility before buying.


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