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Gas grill Burner Covers Rusted (heat tents)

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Gas Grill Burner Covers Rusted (Heat Shields ) - My simple Solution.

A few months ago, I noticed the burner covers (heat tents) were rusty and starting to disintegrate.

After short research online, in which I discovered that other names of those are burner heat shields, heat diffusers, heat deflectors, heat plates, and many more names.

I am not going to beat around the bush. I decided to buy new ones so I got myself these 5/8 x 4 1/4 Inches Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Tent Flavorizer Bars Replacement Part for Charbroil Classic Grill(paid link)

Here is the deal:

The age factor, humidity, and all kinds of marinades and sauces dripping on the tents, causing them to rust with time. This is natural and unless you have stainless still heat tents, it will eventually happen in your grill until the tents are unusable.

Not sure how resilient stainless steel burner covers are since mine were not.

Anyway, I decided to buy new universal ones.

I followed the next steps:

Find out the make and model of your grill.

Mine is Charbroil.

The model - look for a sticker that specifies the model. It may be located at the back of the grill, behind the door, or anywhere far from the heat and flames.

Here is an example:

Now you have the make and model, look for the model online. Here is a search example on amazon(paid link).

You may not find the exact model. What I did in this case, I measured the existing rusty heat tents and made sure I find a similar model with the same measures. It worked perfectly.

Protect your Gas Grill from further rusting

After we sort the grill heat tent replacements, I ordered also a new universal grill cover(paid link) to minimize the rust inside and outside the grill. This will not prevent rust indefinitely, but it is a good practice to cover grills when not in use so it prevents humidity like rain, dew, and such from further rusting the grill parts.

grill covers come in many sizes. If you choose to buy a new one, make sure you buy the correct size. Mine was a little too big for the Grill. I accidentally oversized the measurement since I have a fixed side burner and panel.

I thought it would fit.

Not a big problem though, even if you miss by one size, at least if it is one size bigger.

To conclude

I saw some people online talking about DIY grill heat shields and such. Also, there is a debate about which grill heat plate is best.

I think that the store-bought solution is the best option. It is affordable, will last for a few more years, and easy to install.

Hope you find this useful.


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